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  Preview Artist Character(s) Description
1 Jenni Kamiki Adorable pic of Kamiki sitting on her dream-come-true... a GIANT pink box!  Wonder how many headbands are in there....  *pokes it*
2 Kia Ryou Angelina Pretty B&W piece of Angie looking very sweet
3 Kia Ryou Samantha Another cute piece by Kia ^_^  Samantha holding a Sabin plushie :3
4 Zetsubo Simon & Kamiki A hilarious little pic of Simon and Kamiki.  FYI- "Osuwari" refers to the "sit" command that Inu Yasha must follow.
5 Yitomic Kamiki A cute avatar portrait of Kamiki playing mix&match with her favorite Gaian outfits
6 n/a Aeta_capella Simon Simon transforming!! 
7 Chibi Miki Samantha Samantha as a beautiful fairy!
8 Muraki Samantha A really cute (and very accurate) picture of Samantha slacking off on what needs to be done and choosing to read a fairy tale instead ^_^
9 BlackKittyCat134 Kamiki Cute avatar portrait of Kamiki in her kimono
10 Yuroppa Kamiki Another avatar portrait.  I LOVE her nails in this one x_X
11 Jerky Samantha Beautiful Samantha in a red gown.  I love the sleeves XD
12 mimiru 079 Kamiki Very cute pencil portrait of Kamiki
13 Pino Kamiki D&D Kamiki looking very seductive
14 Moonblossom Kamiki Purple!  Beautifully colored piece of classic Kamiki.  LOVE the costuming in this one!
15 Hysteria von la MortFluer Kamiki Another wonderfully colored portrait from someone with a very cool name :)
16 Kaekia Acacya Creative and pretty picture of Acacya as a centaur from Kaekia. 
17 Nadistu Simon Very cute, shy looking Simon
18 Taeha Samantha Beautiful Samantha!  See the line art here: 
19 Raevir Kamiki Kamiki being flirty
20 Kitty Kamiki Kamiki avatar edit.  The way she'd really look like if I had my way ^_~
21 Kafers Samantha Look at the detail in this pic.  Wow.  Love the hair!
22 Nadistu Simon A close up of Simon, colored.
23 Donuts Kamiki Kamiki looking sassy.  Love the feet.
24 Leash Acacya Great pic of Acacya in both her forms standing back-to-back.  The attention to detail about the character is very prevalent here.
25 Chiichan Kamiki Beautiful and flirty looking Kamiki.  She really is a "Virtual Overflow"
26 Ally chan Kamiki Kamiki winking.  ^_^  I love the detail in the eyes o_O
27 Serilda Aline Samantha & Sabin A sweet picture of Sabin holding Sam. 
28 Serilda Aline Angelina & Ambrose Beautiful pencil of Angelina as a mermaid
29 Ultimecia Acacya Stunning picture of a very Icy Acacya. 
30 PawsCat Samantha Lovely pencil sketch of Samantha summoning.  Love the dress ^^
31 Kafers Samantha Beautiful little Sam edit!  Labu!
32 Kaekia Samantha Lovely Sam inspired by the beautiful Belle ^_^
33 Kafers Acacya Beautiful Angelina in her swanmay cloak.  Kafers actually submitted this early in the contest but I was stoopid and forgot to post it >< 
34 Serilda Aline Angelina & Ambrose Adorable pic of Angelina and Ambrose cuddling.  The hat is just too cute. :3
35 Serilda Aline Samantha & Sabin *swoons*  Very romantic and tasteful piece of Samantha and Sabin in an intimate moment.
36 Serilda Aline Acacya Another entry by Serilda ^_^  Acacya dressed goth.  Looks like she's been digging through Lenore's closet again.
37 RainFox Kamiki (anthro) Yay!  First furry Kamiki!  Beautiful work, as always, Rain!  I love how all of Rain's art has a very soft feel to it.
38 Sajhiri Samantha &Sabin A very detailed picture of Sam, Sabin, and the anju.  GREAT attention to detail and amazing CG work o_O
39 ally_chan Angelina Angelina in 3 of her forms.  I really LOVE the design on the mermaid!!
40 Akari_Tenmeino Kamiki A very characteristic head-shot of Gaia Kamiki =D
41 Remybuu Angelina A very pretty picture of Angelina in her Swanmay outfit and magical staff.  You really captured her, Remy ^_^
42 ChibiNeko Acacya Very cute Acacya pic. 
43 Moonblossom Kiritsune Ryu Gorgeous image of the Kiritsune Ryu!  First one!  To see the uncensored one, click here.  I'm diggin' the background on this one!
44 Zero_BaSs Kamiki Younger looking Kamiki looking cute.
45 Leash Samantha Stunning realism-version of Samantha!  It almost looks like a photo edit of Jennifer Connely!  Yay for realism!!  *hugs Leash*
46 Hanasu Samantha A beautiful Samantha sleeping.  I LOVE the feel of this pic, and the attention to detail is great!
47 Ai Kamiki A very cute sketch of Kamiki ^_^  Ai's scanner is broken, so she had to take a pic of her entry with a digital camera.  I like the pink effect! 
48 Yannah Kamiki It blows me away that someone can use MS Paint like this.  I love the layout of this pic =D 
49 Sajhiri Kamiki Sajhiri's second entry.  Beautiful D&D form Kamiki.  I love seeing your different styles, Sajhiri.
50 Sajhiri Angelina Amazing CG work of a older Angelina.  Someone's been taking her vitamins ^_~
51 M Acacya Very cute Acacya CG
52 Zero_Radio Simon He looks like he just walked in on Sabin and Kamiki (and Daisuke?) doing very bad things.
53 Quis-chan Acacya Very pretty Acacya getting alittle risqué
54 Mamoru Kamiki Great picture of Kamiki in a very unique costume.
55 Jack_in_a_box23 Kamiki A very sexy Kamiki showing off her ass-sets
56 Seijuro Hiko Kamiki Very cute Kamiki by someone with an awesome name ^_~
57 M Kamiki Dig the background on this contemporary Kamiki.
58 Angelyc Kamiki Very lively pencil work of Kamiki
59 ChibiOna Acacya Acacya being cute...like always :)
60 ChibiOna Simon Simon actually wearing clothes!  Go fig!  ^_^
61 Quis-chan Kamiki Beautiful Kamiki (barely) wearing a very interesting warrioress D&D outfit
62 Angelyc Kamiki There's been a surge of "come-hither" Kamiki pics.  Here she is definitely sending a chill up your spine.  Or you know...to somewhere.
63 Sajhiri Acacya Beautiful Acacya lying ina tree.  B&W version here---- > 
64 Cat-chan Simon & Kamiki Adorable pic of Simon and Kamiki in her Fox Form
65 Zero_Radio Kamiki Cute Kamiki watercoloresque portrait
66 Zero_Radio Kamiki, Simon, & Sabin Too funny.  Sabin is so cute when he's jealous. <3
67 Bingo-Maru Kamiki Cute portrait of Kamiki :)
68 Blue Lightning Kamiki Another adorable Kamiki pic... I love how this one has a full-body and a close-up
69 Brotherjames Angelina A very awesome realism version of Angelina
70 Brotherjames Kamiki I cracked up laughing when I saw the shirt on this one.  I can definitely see Kamiki wearing this.
71 Celesse Angelina This is far too cute.  Lovely job!
72 Chibi Ona Kamiki (Anthro) Beautiful Kamiki anthro
73 Chibi Ona Kiritsune Ryu Yay!  Another pic of the Kiritsune!
74 Haradaya Kamiki Kamiki looking very Chobits-esque
75 Jerky Kamiki Another lovely entry from Jerky! =D
76 Jolen Simon Simon looking very.... well, Simon.  Up to something, are you?
77 Juliamoon Samantha Nice Samantha portrait.  I adore the color of the dress!
78 Kim Tonks Kamiki Kim Tonks drew a distinctive, but endearing portrait of Kamiki
79 Lexi-chan Angelina Stylized Angelina
80 Miori Samantha and Simon Adorable Samantha and Simon!!  Wai!!
81 Nekura-chan Kamiki ::Lovely Kamiki, tho the colors are a bit off
82 Quis-chan Acacya Beautiful work from Quis-chan again :)
83 Reaven Kiritsune Ryu Yay!  Kiritsune finally getting more entries =D  See the uncensored here:
84 RainFox Acacya Gah!  Stunning work from RainFox <3
85 Serilda Aline Kamiki and Serilda Aline Serilda looks REMARKABLY like a female Sabin ^_~
86 Stungun_Milly Samantha and Sabin Sam and Sabin dolls!
87 Stungun_Milly Samantha Love the detail here!
88 -Zero Snow-  (Zero Radio) Kamiki Kamiki, J-Pop style ^_^
89 b0b_kat Kamiki and Simon A very adorable pic of Gaia Kamiki snuggling with Simon
90 Serilda Aline Kamiki, Angelina, Acacya, & Samantha A cute group pic of my gals dressed in their skivvies
91 Sethirius Samantha Lovely Samantha.  The very neat and clean line art of is here:  
92 ChibiOna Acacya My first Acacya av edit! 
93 Neko Eyowen Kamiki Neko made this really nice picture of Kamiki for me <3  She's really sweet, even tho she's a rival Halo Hunter ^_~
94 Yuzuha Kamiki Gaia Kamiki getting her Halo =D  I need the inspiration... my Halo search is not getting me very far.
95 Alexina Angelina Cute pixel art of Angelina
96 Yitomic Kamiki Yitomic drew a more D&D stye Kamiki this time :)
97 Sajhiri Samantha & Sabin Mush overload XD  *swoon*  Samantha and Sabin share a kiss in front of a picture window in winter.  "As long as you love me so...let it snow let it snow let snow...."
98 Samee Samantha Samantha the dreamer ~ here she is dreaming of flying.  She looks so free.
99 Jolen Kamiki
100 Putret Acacya An impressive Acacya edit.  Those feet couldn't have been easy.  AND ~ my 100th entry!!!  Hazah!
101 Aloria Kamiki I LOVE the face on this one!
102 Astillac Samantha A stunning Samantha.  Her runes look amazing here.
103 ChimeraNell Kiritsune Ryu K-Ryu playing with a dancing ribbon.  I love the movement/proportions in this pic!
104 Dili Kamiki Another Kamiki av edit ~ Dili didn't have my underwear pic to worth with.  I like the way the costume came out
105 JadeEye Acacya Acacya in her unicorn form!  I was wondering if anyone was going to do this.
106 Kafers Acacya Acacya bathing.  Uncensored version is here: 
107 kheleksul Kamiki Beautiful interpretation of Kamiki just as she awakens her Kitsune powers. XD XD XD
108 lemme Kamiki Another super-adorable Kamiki Fox Form pic
109 MiraiMika Acacya I love Mirai's art. Lovely Acacya picture... line art is here:   
110 Ringyou Hime Acacya A very shojou manga-esque Acacya
111 Precious Flame Kamiki and Sabin Gaia Kamiki and Gaia Sabin posing for the camera ^_~
112 Retatsu Acaya Another shoujou Acacya
113 Trufflepig Samantha Samantha looking lovely as always, talking to a feathered friend.
114 Yami Koneko Kamiki Kamiki looking rather snazzy
115 Aikoima Samantha Lovely B&W Samantha
116 Astrosnik Acacya Adorable Acacya with a Kamiki tee
117 Astrosnik Acacya Acacya in her unicorn form
118 Astrosnik Angelina & Ambrose This picture is so cute it gave me a toothache
119 Astrosnik Simon Teeheeehee....
120 ChibiOna Kamiki ChibiOna just loves pumping out art!!  No complaints here!
121 ChibiOna Kamiki & Sabin Yay!  Kamiki got her Halo!
122 Ebony Dragon Acacya Stunning Acacya in her natural and unicorn form
123 enumasam Kamiki Kamiki looking  very lovely.  >< Can we say 'bikini wax' *cringe*
124 Josef Acacya Most interesting perspective award goes to....
125 Kafers Kamiki *stares in awe at the detail work*
126 lucavi Angelina Acacya looking rather cute and ready for an adventure
127 lucavi Kamiki & friend Uh-oh, Sabin....someone's moving in on Kamiki...
128 Matty Acacya, Kamiki, Samantha, Simon, and Angelina Yay!!!  All my characters in one pic!
129 Molly Hartwell Simon *drools*
130 Pennance Kamiki Kamiki all decked out for Halloween
131 Sajhiri Kamiki My fox ears turning into a Halo ^_^
132 Yitomic Kamiki Wow, Yitomic's anatomy skills are improving!
133 trufflepig Samantha & Sabin Sweet pic of Sabin and Sam.
134 ______ Kamiki Kamiki looking a bit dominatrix in this pic ^_^
135 Aeralea Acacya Beautiful Acacya
136 Aeralea Kiritsune Ryu 'ritsune chibi =D
137 Aeralea Simon A very sessa Simon <3
138 Akari_Tenmeino Kamiki Sailor Kamiki!
140 Algy Kamiki Kamiki in her two forms.  A very awesome pic
141 Astrosnik Kiritsune Ryu Very cute kiritsune ryu
142 Astrosnik Simon Another Simon entry.  He's gotten popular here in the end.
143 Astrosnik Simon 'another Simon
144 Astrosnik Simon I have a distinct feeling Astrosnik likes Simon ^_~
145 Cerebaton Angelina Angelina transforming :)
146 Chibi Beat Acacya Acacya in her multiple forms
147 ChimeraNell Samantha Samanatha looking lovely.  Love the hair!
148 Dark_Raven_Amadahy Simon Simon lookin' sexy
149 djRosi_oh Kamiki Kamiki looking naughty
150 Enumasam Samantha & Sabin A beautiful picture of Sabin and Samantha.  I think Enu really captured the "feel" of them in this pic
151 Faolin Kiritsune Ryu Beautiful greyscale coloration of KR.  Line art is here: 
152 Finnigin Kamiki &Samantha Two of my fave gals looking very lovely in beautiful kimonos!
153 GKurai Acacya Wonderful cel-shaded coloration of Kamiki
154 Jess Kamiki & Simon To me it looks like Kamiki is trying to cheer Simon up.  I wonder what's wrong =(
155 Joanime Samantha If Samantha herself was judging this contest, this one would win hands-down.
156 Kaisa Kamiki Wonderful, colorful Kamiki pic!
157 Kenshin Kitty Simon Simon looking very uke and yummy
158 kittenfae Samantha Sam looking ready for a fun night :)
159 KL-chan Kamiki & Angelina I don't understand oekaki.  I can't use it.  I see pieces like this and it boggles me.
160 Koimizu Kamiki Very spiffy Kamiki pic
161 Kokoryta Kamiki Another lovely Kamiki B&W
162 Kotai Simon I love the way Simon looks here.  But what is he doing in a swamp?  *looks at Sabin suspiciously*
163 Mango_boo Kamiki & Sabin Yay, another Kamiki and Sabin romance peice :)
164 Mango_boo Samantha & Sabin and a Sabin and Samantha romance peice :)
165 Mango_boo Samantha Love the outfit!  *hums Chicago soundtrack*
166 mugimugi Kamiki She looks like she's conjuring up a plan to me here.
167 Nae-chan Samantha What boggles me about this piece is that its real media o_O
168 NaughtySquee Kamiki Kamiki topless =D
169 NaughtySquee Kamiki I LOVE the clean, crisp lineart here
170 Niele Acacya Very adorable Acacya
171 Niele Kamiki Kamiki Chibi :)
172 the thumbnail has escaped! Niele Kamiki Kamiki not-chibi :)
173 Neile Samantha Two versions....this version doesn't have the lighting effects: 
174 Noa Samantha This girl has way too much talent for not even being in high school yet -.-
175 OniAja Kiritsune Ryu I love this pic... 'taurs are so hard to draw and make them look natural.  The motions in this pic makes her look very natural!
176 OtacontheOtaku Angelina & Ambrose Yay!!  I didn't get very many romantic Ambrose and Angelina pics =(  And this one is SO sweet!
177 Page Boy Acacya A beautiful Acacya
178 Pyrobat Acacya And another beautiful Acacya.  She sure was a popular choice :)
179 Reko Kamiki CG version to the left and colored pencil veriosn here: 
180 Sajhiri Simon Sajhiri just couldn't resist taking a jab at Simon.  *fans herself*  Could you?  :)~
181 Serilda Aline Acacya, Simon, & Sabin This one is too funny for words.  Poor Sabin.
182 Serilda Aline Simon, Samantha, and Sabin (as kids) Poor Sabin (again).
183 Serilda Aline Steph, Steph's Muse, Sabin, &Simon Alittle explaination for the last two pics.
184 Serilda Aline Chase Who knew when Ambrose met this cute little sailor lad, he's turn out to be a she!!
185 shimmercat Acacya Lovely sketch of Acacya
186 shimmercat Kamiki & Simon Puppy Love!
187 shimmercat Samantha LOVE the runes here.
188 Shining_k Angelina She looks alittle blue here (dodges the PunPolice)
189 sievkatronshea Kamiki Kamiki taking a walk around Barton Town
190 SKooKuM Samantha Samantha and her feathered friend.
191 StickDevil Acacya Very cute Acacya pic
192 VerdantZephyr16 Acacya A very cute Acacya animation
193 Yuroppa Acacya Beautiful Acacya!
194 ZelLuver Acacya Another Acacya entry :)
195 ZelLuver Kamiki Lovely Kamiki :)
196 Zetsubo Kamiki Kamiki and Simon...in a bunny suit
197 Kipestshin Abstract A very unique piece from an amazing artist.  *mourns her scanner*
198 Molly Hartwell Samantha A breath-taking Samantha showing off her, uh.... Sabin, you're a lucky man.  Rated PG-13
199 Alisdaire Samantha A very cute Samantha chibi
200 Alisdaire Simon Simon looking very bishie.  Sabin says the rainbow suspender makes him look gay, but I can PROMISE you he's interested in girls (at least).  *wink wink*
201 Andala Acacya Another gorgeous Acacya to make the judging that much harder.
202 Frantic Flame Angelina Love the staff, love the cloak!!
203 EvilPunkDemon Simon Simon looking a bit more shonen for once.
204 Thumbnail Escaped! Chiichan Samantha Beautifully colored Samantha chibi :)
205 Dong Samantha Another Sam av edit <3
206 Fyre Samantha & Sabin Awww!  They're playing, how cute!  Look at the blush!
207 Iris Virus Acacya Lovely real media Acacya pic
208 Iris Virus Samantha I really like the look of this Samantha piece :)
209 Kaetz Simon Simon looking very fluffy and comfy!
210 KL-chan Samantha, Simon, & Sabin So adorable!!!
211 Krysil Kamiki A lovely quick Kamiki sketch!
212 No Thumbnail Laisewiel_Phd Kamiki & Sabin Lovely, very romantic Kamiki & Sabin picture
213 Nae-chan Kamiki Her coloring amazes me... I wish I could use markers like this!
214 Nae-chan Samantha Samantha stealing Sabin's clothes.  Awww.
215 Nae-chan Kamiki Lovely sketch of Gaia-version Kamiki
216 Nae-chan Samantha & plushies So cute!!  She looks sad, tho... did Sabin break?
217 Roseanne Samantha Samantha summoning... very creative and nice job with the detail work!
218 Shuuren Kamiki Another wonderful oekaki peice!
219 Roseanne Kamiki & Simon I cracked up when I saw this!  You have a very creative mind, Roseanne!
220 ZelLuver Acacya Acacya in a very interesting art style!
221 Zero Radio Acacya Lovely pencil work of human-form Acacya
222 Zero Radio Acacya Acacya looking very cute in her natural form.
223 No Thumbnail Chiichan Samantha Wonderful sketch of Samantha!  Love the attention to detail!