Name:  Angelina  (formally known as Chase)

Age: 17

Race:   Druid, Shadow Fey  (formally a Swanmay)
Class:  Druid (swanmay)  

Eyes:  dark blue, but will also shift through many colors (see history)

Hair:  medium/dark brown, kept just past the shoulders.  Its straight, but shiney. 

Height:  5'4" 

Skin:  Caucasian.  A bit pale, but nothing vampiric.

CampaignPrivateers of the Sea of Sorrows (Ravenloft)

Personality:  Angelina is an outspoken and opinionated girl, especially considering her size.  Small and petite physically, she is quick and rather strong for her size.  Incredibly strong willed, Angelina isn't afraid to speak her mind.  She's generally friendly and level-headed.

Significant Other:  Engaged to Ambrose Maurlias

Distinguishing Marks:  Angelina has pointed fey ears, like an elf.

Build Description:  Angelina is fit and small.  Skinny, but due to her small frame; she's not bony or anything.  She doesn't have a large chest (she's still growing!), but not "flat" chested, either.

Clothing Style:  She wears a mix of deer-leather and white cloth.  Since she believed she is pregnant, her shirt is empire-waisted and her leather skirt has tie-rings so it can be expanded.  Her skirt is actually more of a skort, having shorts underneath so she can still ride horses.  Her skirt is a leather halter-top with a white cloth bottom and white bell-sleeves.  She wears thigh-high boots.  (sample)   

Previously as a Swanmay:  As they way of the Swanmay, her sect of Druids, she clothes herself completely in white if possible.  White leather pants and top is what she typically wears, and dons a magical cloak made of swan feathers.  Her weapon of choice is a white oak quaterstaff which bears a carving of a swimming swan on the top.    

Magical Abilities:  Being a Druid, Angelina has learned through mediation and respect for the natural world she can summon forth its powers.  She's especially apt at calling lightning and summoning elementals.  Like most druids, she can also heal wounds, though if possible she takes a more offensive position in combat.  She can change her body at will, taking on forms of elements, though she's quite new at this and hasn't mastered it well yet.

Mermaid Form:  Upon entering Ravenloft, Angelina gained the ability to shape into a mermaid.  When she becomes submerged in water, or drenching wet through any other means, she becomes a mermaid: long, green-blue tail, spiney ear fins behind her ears, fins on her arms and at her waist.  Also grows scales over her back and on her cheeks.  Her marine scales are reptilian, not fishy (no slimy nastiness)

Swan Form:  Being a Swanmay, Angie can turn into the shape of a swan at will.  However, the long she stays in Ravenloft the harder it becomes for her to do so.  NOTE:  Angelina is NO LONGER a swanmay, and can no longer shift tot his form.

Best Art References:

A near perfect example of Chase.

I especially love Angelina's face shape in this pic.  Near perfect reference, save her hair is bit too long.  Art by Arezou, slight edits by Sabin Duvert

I love this pic.  Great capture of her personality and face shape.  Colors are perfect.  Cept now she would have pointed ears.



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Other Angelina Artwork

History:  Angelina was born to a woman known as only as Christina in the brothel La Chait Noir in Guillaume. Being that her mother mostly slept during the day, and was "working" at night, Angie was practically taking care of herself at a very young age. She helped around the brothel doing odd jobs for most of her younger years - doing laundry and cleaning mostly - in order to earn her keep under her mother's care. However, when Angie was 13, her mother became sick with syphilis. Christina held on as long as she good, but soon could no longer work. Angie begged not be kicked out of her residence at La Chait Noir and took on even more odd jobs to make the ends meet. The sickness quickly overtook her mother, and passed away about a year later. The brothel's matron, upon her mother's death, demanded that Angelina either take a job as a prostitute at her establishment, or leave.

Angie is appalled by the notion of selling her own body for food and roof. Having grown up in a brothel, and having seen her mother waste away from a horrible and disgusting disease, she vowed to never do that to herself. Of course, a girl with not so much as a dime to her name, no home, and not even a last name proved very difficult for Angie to maintain a steady job. Occasionally finding an odd job or two, she couldn't keep a job as waitress or housekeeper due to her homelessness and haggard, poor appearance.

Angelina scraped by by taking on any job she could find, and stealing whatever else she needed for food or a place to sleep. While the life a street-rat didn't really bother her from a morale standpoint (stealing a few coins from a wealthy fop who wouldn't even realize they were missing in order to eat didn't really striike Angie as "wrong"), it wasn't what she wanted to do for her life. She would spend hours of the day sitting on a rooftop in her port town and watch the ocean. She began to yearn for a life outside of Port-a-Mirielle. She couldn't afford a ticket on a boat... and even if she scrounged enough coin for one, what would she do once she was in a new city? Would there really be any more opportunities for a penniless girl in any city as there was here?

One day, while cutting through the dock area on her way to the inn she was squatting at, she overheard a dock worker explaining to his coworkers abuot being hired as a sailor. As she listened, an idea began to form in her head....

As she continued her way to the inn, she stopped in front of La Chait Noir and watched in disgust as the dirty, drunken men entered and exited. With even more determination, Angie ran straight to her room.
The next day, she took all the money she could scrounge and bought herself a nice dagger and a set of men's work clothes. That night, she took the knife to her hair, and cut up the bed sheets to bind her breasts. It was time to say goodbye to Port-a-Moreille forever.

Assuming the name "Chase," Angie filed for a job as sailor and dockworker with the Port Master. "Chase" worked in the dock's fish market for almost eight months when he finally was put up for a position on a merchant ship as a sailor.

However, her first voyage at sea landed Chase and a handful of her companions in an alternate dimension known (unbeknownst to them) as Ravenloft. 

Since Ravenloft:  Angelina has been struggling to retain her sense of self.  So much has happened to her, her self-identity has been swept away.  Relatively shortly after arriving on Ravenloft, she was asked to take up the oath of a dying sorority of Druids called the Swanmay.  She accepted, which forced herself to reveal her female identity to those she had been hiding it from.  However, as the months drag on Angelina has a harder and harder time shouldering the responsibility of the entire Swanmay clan on her back. 

Unlike Ambrose's driven desire to go back home, at first Angelina thought the adventure and power she gained in Ravenloft was better than the mundane life of the real world.  After all, she didn't have anything to go home to.  But she quickly took a liking to, and fell in love with, Ambrose.  Her drive to go home mostly rests on the hope that Ambrose will marry and settle down with her.  Though she's kept it secret so far, Angelina believes she might be carrying Ambrose's child...

Most recently in Ravenloft, the party has been trapped in the Shadow Rift, the home of the shadow fey.  Unbeknownst to Angelina, the Swanmay originated from fey, and circumstances beyond her control have began to change her into a shadow fey herself.  She now is sensitive to sunlight, cannot sleep, and her eyes will change colors fluidly.

Needless to say, Angelina's original optimism about the Realm has completely vanished.  She has seen how evil and corrupt the land is, and fears the land may be corrupting herself and her possible unborn baby.  She's very determined to leave this place, and try to rediscover her own self-indentity.

Betrayal of the Swan (Angelina loses her Swanmay abilities)

Starting shortly after she came to the Shadow Rift, Angelina began to have nightmares. They started out vague… all she could remember were shadows, a voice speaking to her.

After her transformation into a Shadow Fey, the visions became more real, more demanding. The party was currently on a quest from Queen Mauve to retrieve regalia of magical armor scattered about the land that, if brought together, acted as a key to unlock an evil creature known as Gwideon. Queen Mauve was in a race to find the regalia and hide it away for eternity. Her brother, Lot, was trying to collect it all because he felt he had an army strong enough to defeat Gwideon forever.

However, Angelina's dreams began to talk to her and manipulate her. Gwideon, who was the creator of all the Shadow Fey, including the Swanmay, was able to take Angelina under his complete control. He stole away her heart and replaced it with Shadow-stuff. He convinced her that if she brought the completed regalia to him at the Obsidian Gate, it would send Amrbose and her directly home.

Angelina's personally became severely affected. She became driven to find the entire amour. She became hostile, possessive, and antagonistic. She fought several times with Zita, and wouldn't have stopped if the rest of the party hadn't stopped her. The party spent months gathering the regalia until only the sword, dagger, and boots were left. Unfortunately, they were in the possession of Lot himself. Lot, King of the Unselee Fey, was heavily guarded and just as determined to get all the armor as his sister Mauve.

Completely obsessed about getting the armor and completing the set, Angelina hatched the plan to seduce Lot and have a new friend, Deadrick, steal the armor while Angelina distracted him with sins of the flesh. Ambrose was understandably NOT okay with this plan, but no other plan of attack seemed feasible.

Guised as a Nymph, Angelina tempted Lot with information about the mysterious thieves who were ravaging his land stealing the armor. Once alone, Angelina finally got Lot to disrobe his dagger and boots, but, even during lovemaking, refused to remove the sword from his side. Forced to steal it away in the climax of Lots…distraction, Deadrick used Armon's staff to teleport Angelina and himself back to safety.

Naked and smelling of Lot and sex, Ambrose had a hard time looking Angelina in the eye for the rest of the night. That night, they quarreled, Angelina angry at Ambrose for not understanding that she only did it for him.

"Aren't you upset at becoming what you tried so hard no to become?"

The words resounded in Angelina's head. Ambrose just called her a common whore. Angry, she stormed out, waiting until late in the evening to fulfill her plan.

Once everyone was asleep, Angelina managed to sneak into Queen's vault and don the regalia, sneak out of the castle, and head to the Obsidian Gate.

It wasn't long before the rest of the party was notified. Determined to get to Angelina before Queen Mauve's guards did, Ambrose led Zita, Armon, and Deadrick in a hot pursuit after her.

But by the time they found here, they were a hair too late. Angelina has opened the gate, and summoned forth Gwideon. Gwideon was a huge, black, shadowy tentacle monster. He placed the crown on Angelina's head, completing the regalia and allowing him to come forth. He also restored Angelina's heart (and alignment).

Ambrose rushed forth, knocking the crown from her head. No sooner had he done this, three black tentacles reached out and took hold of him, rending the werewolf into three distinct pieces right in front of Angelina's eyes. Horrified, Angelina rushed for the crown and threw if back into the gate. Knowing Gwideon couldn't fully emerge from the gate without the full regalia, she tried to run away. Gwideon took hold of her magical feather cloak, and it ripped away as the feathered blackened. As the cloak ripped away, Angelina felt her Swanmay powers melt away. Turning to air and retreating farther than Gwideon could reach, Angelina forced Gwideon back into the gate.

Angelina's heart of restored, but only in time to realize she had almost single-handedly brought destruction to the entire race of Shadow Fey. And Ambrose… Ambrose was dead because of her. As she sat there sobbing, she pulled the dagger from the regalia and stared at it considering. She was about to take her own life, but stopped as she placed a shaking hand over her belly. If she was carrying Ambrose's child, it would be all that was left of him…