Welcome to my art gallery.  I'm still pretty new to this "art" thing, but I'm trying to practice!  Thanks for looking!  =)  All images are copyright to me, so please don't take them without permission.  Characters are all copyright to their respective owners.

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A really cute pic of Acacya waving and looking very genki.  ^_^ Of my favorite drawings. I picked up this cheap pack of Crayola watercolor pencils and decided to do a quick sketch of Kamiki and just have fun experimenting.  The picture actually turned out much better than I had thought it would. My 'lil unicorn again, Acacya.  Practicing more with inking and Prismas.  Slight nudity warning.  Tsk tsk, Acacya. An attempt with Prismacolors.  This is Samantha in a blue cocktail dress.
Kamiki in Glaedial's outfit. A pretty shaded picture of Kamiki.  Its my favorte image of Kamiki that I've drawn myself. Sabin and Samantha in the Realm of Fae.  Sam looks very unhappy about being led about by a leash. A gift for Moldred of his character Fyry Fyang, an Asian black-footed ferret lady.  Also my first attempt at coloring in a LONG time.  I did the best I could with Crayola pencils.
A cute picture of Kamiki and Acacya.  Kams looks alittle peeved to be watching over a hyper 'lil unicorn. One my favorite pics, a Chimaera furry in bondage gear. A tigress furry. My first attempt at Furry Art:  a manticore furry
Low-detail little doodle of Kamiki. Kamiki, however, can pull off Sexy.  Here she is in bondage gear.  Mreow. The unicorn girl Acacya trying to be sexy.  She's too cute to pull it off. Two Raccoon fairy twins.  More NPCs for Victorian Legends.
Virshawn, another NPC. Cute pic of Acacya. Sketch of a mermaid  I made for a friend, Phil. Costume design for Arania's character, Sabin.
Costume design for an NPC, Glaedial. Costume design for Tavis's character, um, Tavis.   ^_^ A cute Acacya looking very miffed. Acacya in her human form.
My unicorn girl, Acacya. An early attempt at my character, Kamiki. One my Werewolf: The Apocalypse characters:  Misty A quick, cute 'lil Harry Potter fanart of Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail, and Prongs. 

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