Kamiki's daughter site, FoxShade Studios.  My roomates' art site:  I highly reccomend you check it out.  Great art!
My Anime Cel Gallery
My roomate's first page:  she knows more about Rurouni Kenshin than Watsuki Nobuhiro.   
Spinizuey, another anime cel collector and artist
Sign up!  Once a month, you're given someone's original character to draw, and someone else is assigned to draw your character!  Really  neat!
Very similar to CMAX, but on a bi-monthly scedule. 
Anya, another friend and artist.
Penny Arcade: one of only two web comics I read regularly.  Odd, considering I'm not even a video game fan.  The humor's just too great.  Check it out.  Buy a WangHanger.
DunnBoyz.  And here's the other.  Done by my fellow students here at Texas A&M.  Whoop and all that jazz. 
A VERY cool site for hosting anime cels.  Its well organized, easy to use, and best of all... FREE!   Yay!  A MUST for cel collectors.
My web hosting provider.  Good stuff.

Artists Worth Visiting:

Really amazing art, check it out.  Anime realism with a dark side.