Name:  Angelina  Swanson

Age: 17

Race:  Human

Eyes:  dark blue

Hair:  medium/dark brown, kept just past the shoulders.  Its straight, but shiney. 

Height:  5'4"

Skin:  Caucasian.  .

CampaignPrivateers of the Sea of Sorrows (Ravenloft)

Personality: Angelina is opinionated and defensive.  She's rather cynical due to her hard family life growing up.  She hates most men, which is why Ambrose's sincere chivalry really swept her off her feet.  When she's not with Ambrose, Angelina likes to play D&D, chat online, draw, and watch movies.  

Significant Other:   Ambrose Maurlias (see Alternative Modern Ambrose at the bottom of the page)

Distinguishing Marks:  none

Build Description:  Angelina is fit and small.  Skinny, but due to her small frame; she's not bony or anything.  She doesn't have a large chest (she's still growing!), but not "flat" chested, either.

Clothing Style:  Angelina dresses in she wants to.  It doesn't easily fit into a definite category, punk it what most people would probably describe it as.  She likes to look nice, but comfortable.  She doesn't like make-up.  She likes to wear pants that ride low on the hips, but flair the feet  with tank-tops or baby tees.  She loves leather bracelets/armbands, has multiple pairings in each ear, and generally has that "I Shop at Hot Topic" punk/goth look.  Except she'd rarely actually shop AT Hot Topic...usually Wall Mart or second hand stores as Angelina does not have a lot of money.

Magical Abilities:  None that she knows of...

History:  To know Angelina you have to first know that she's the child of an unmarried exotic dancer.  Angelina's mother was only 18 when she had her, so needless to say Angelina learned to take care of herself rather quickly.  Throughout high school, Angelina has a notorious reputation for being a slut, mostly because it was no secret about her mother's occupation.  Having men in and out of her mother's life had some devastating effects on her.  She has been raped more than once by her mother's "boyfriends," and was taken advantage one time while drunk.  Needless to say, she's very untrusting of men, and it takes a lot for a boy to befriend her.  She had very few friends, and her unlikely love interest became Ambrose, the preppiest of the prep of the school, when they became friends after being forced to be lab partners.  She helped him through his struggles with lycanthropy, therefore deepening their bond to more than just typical highschool romance.

For reference images, please see Ravenloft Angelina.  Its the same character in different settings, so general appearance would be the same.  Clothing would be different, obviously, and she wouldn't have the pointed ears since she wouldn't be a Shadow Fey.