Name:  Kamiki 

Apparent Age:  Early 20's

Eye Color:  violet

Hair Color:  light lavender- appears white in some lighting

Skin Color:  mocha

Height:  5'6"

Race:  Kitsune Elder Spirit Hybrid

Personality:  Kamiki is generally upbeat and cheerful, but not annoyingly so.  She does her best to be friendly and helpful and patient, however she does have a temper that can cause a sharp tongue.  She is vain, however, and will fuss over her appearance.  She loves to try  new things, loves bright, shiny objects, and sex.  She's obsessed over her pets, and has a ton of clothes. 

Distinguishing marks:  bluish-purple forehead jewel on her third eye.  She has fox ears and a fox tail.  Both are a lavender-silver in color, and her tail is very thick and fluffy.  She has slightly elongated canines, and her nails are slightly longer and thicker than a normal humans. 

Build Description:  Kamiki has a fit, curvy build.  Think Britney Spears, or someone you'd see in a Playboy layout. 

Clothing Style:  Kamiki loves fashionable, sexy clothes.  Her clothes are usually dark purple with black trim, though she will wear other colors.  She has no "Set outfit", though some of her favorites can be seen below.  She loves to dress in super high fashion, like something you might see in a pop music video.  Everything she wears should be SEXY.  Not necessarily skimpy, but always reeking with sex appeal.  Kamiki is not ashamed of her body at all, especially her cleavage and midriff.  Also, Kamiki loves silver jewelry.  She always wears multiple earrings in each ear, and loves bangles, necklaces, arm bands, and belly chains.  

Magical Abilities:  Kamiki uses spirit, or force magic.  Like Magic Missiles, from D&D.  She can summon a silver magical staff, with a purple orb on the end, caged by elaborate silver settings.  Sometimes, she has "burn off" energy, which will appear as light blue ethereal wings on her back, or a halo of light above her head.  She's also capable of moving super humanly fast, even more so in her Demon form (see below).

Goddess Form:  When Kamiki concentrates, she can summon feathered wings.  These wings are large, mostly white with purple at the tips.

Demon Form:  While not a true demon form, the term "fox form" doesn't seem to fit.  In this form, Kamiki shifts into a large (human sized) purple fox.  In this form, she retains her forehead jewel, but her eyes shift to yellow.  She also grows feathered wings, as described in the Goddess Form above.

Fox Form:  Finally, Kamiki can shift into a "normal" fox.  Larger than most "normal" foxes, she stands about a foot and half at the shoulder.  Her fur is the lavender-silver like her normal ears and tail  She generally looks completely normal, except she retains the forehead jewel. 

Alternative Form (Anthro Form): While not "cannon," Kamiki does have an anthropomorphic form.  Same general description as above, but would be an anthro lavander-silver vixen.  She would have the muzzled face (like a real fox, not a flat, human-like face) and digitgrade feet (this means she walks on her toes like a fox, not flat-footed like a human).

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For an outside visual image, both Britney Spears and Beyoncé both have the general build and sense of diva-fashion Kamiki would.



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History:  Kamiki remembers little of her life before she wandered into Gaia... all she remembers was her final hunt...  She was a rich noble on a fox hunt with, what she presumed to be, her husband.  They were pursuing one VERY tricky little fox... a very rare silver one at that.  The hounds and Kamiki's partner bounded over some thick underbrush and galloped into the forest.  Kamiki was about to follow when she caught, out of the corner of her eyes, the slippery little fox slip out from the underbrush and run head-long into the thicket.   Kamiki turned on her horse and followed it.  After quite a bit of cat-and-mouse, Kamiki finally cornered the little fox in a rock quarry. 

 Kamiki raised her rifle to take her prey... but as she looked at the critter through the scope, a sudden sense of sadness and guilt washed over her.  Now, Kamiki can't remember if she'd ever shot a fox before or not, but all she knew was this time, pulling the trigger would have the been the worst thing in the world she could do.   She lowered her aim.  The fox quivered, hesitating for a moment, then took a few hesitant steps towards the nearing escape route.  But as he did so, the ground shook and fell out from under him... taking Kamiki and her horse down with him....

Now what happened after that remains a mystery... but Kamiki awoke in a strange forest in a land she never seen before.  She forget her name, where she was from, or even what she was doing from the time before.  What Kamiki was not aware of YET was that the transaction to the magical world of Gaia awoken a powerful kitsune spirit inside her. 

And as for the little fox that she refused to kill:  He was right there beside her, and, upon seeing her transformation into a beautiful kitsune, fell instantly in love.  (see more about  this fox here)

and of course...  if you aren't on Gaia..what are you waiting for?  GO NOW!