Name:  Simon (Gaia version)

Apparent Age: 18

Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair:  Silvery white

Race: fox shapeshifter

Height: 6'1"

Likes:  Kamiki, vixens, antagonizing Sabin

Dislikes:  Sabin, being called a "pet"

History:  See Gaia Kamiki's profile.  After arriving in Gaia, Simon discovered he could take on a human form...but only for short periods at a time.  In exchange for sparing his life, Simon has devoted himself to the Kitsune, Kamiki.  He is VERY jealous of Kamiki's lover, a university professor with a dark past, Sabin Duvert.  

Appearance (Fox Form):  a very fluffy, platinum-silver furred fox with ice blue eyes.

Appearance (Human Form):  a tall, beautiful lean man.   His long hair is a silvery white, and he retains his silver fox ears and tail.  His canines are slightly pointed, and his fingernails are dog-claw like.  His eyes stay ice-blue.  He prefers not wear much clothing, but he will when going out in public.  He wears a studded leather collar in both forms, and leather ankle and wrist bracers.

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