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July 22, 2003:  New ART in on the My Art page =)  Samantha's profile has been updated as well.  We have a Guestbook now, too!  PLEASE SIGN! 

July 15, 2003 My Art page is up!  Go check it out.  =)  Also, Acacya's page was updated.  Yay!

July 11, 2003:  All the links except for the "Critters" button should link to at least a temporary page.  Links page is up and working, and there is new art on Kamiki's page!

July 8, 2003:  Wow!  Some of the links actually work!  Check some of them out ^_^  How do you like the new buttons?  They're the rune marking of my character, Samantha!  Pretty nifty, huh?  Anyway, poke around.  I'll be beefing up the place soon. 

June 25, 2003:  Welcome!  This site is brand-spank'n new, so there is a lot of construction about!  Watch your heads!  ^_^  Kamiki.net is my little home on the web where you can learn about me, my characters, my art collection, and my critters!